Smartlipo Treatment

Smartlipo™ is a safe and effective office-based, surgical procedure designed for laser body sculpting and fat reduction.   Also commonly known as laser lipolysis,  Smartlipo™ is the first, and to-date, the most tested laser-assisted liposuction procedure. The Smartlipo™  technique has been used in Europe and South America for many years. However, it is its introduction in the United States that has stimulated its popularity.

Through experience, dedication and commitment to our patients, MD Laser Medicine & Surgery  has earned a reputation as the regional destination for Smartlipo™ and a premier site for physicians to observe and learn  the  technique.  Led by Dr. Banda’s medical expertise, we take pride in being Howard County Maryland’s first and most experienced provider of Smartlipo™–and one of Greater Baltimore and Washington, D.C.’s leading providers.

Read what our patients have to say about their Smartlipo™ journeys.

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Clement Banda, M.D., founder and medical director of MD Laser Medicine & Surgery, is a diplomate of the ABVLM (formally known as the ABPh) and the American Board of Laser Surgery.