MD Laser Medicine & Surgery in Columbia, MD

MD Laser Medicine and Surgery is a premier cosmetic laser and vein restoration practice specializing in Smartlipo™, Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA™) and other minimally-invasive laser procedures. Led by the medical expertise of Clement Banda, M.D., we are one of Maryland’s most experienced providers of Smartlipo™–and one of Greater Baltimore and Washington, D.C.’s leading cosmetic laser and vein restoration practices.

Through experience, dedication and commitment to our patients, MD Laser Medicine & Surgery has earned a reputation as the regional destination for Smartlipo™ and a premier site for physicians to observe and learn the procedure’s techniques.  We take pride in  the industry-leading training and experience Dr. Banda has amassed to safely and effectively perform the latest cosmetic laser and vein restoration procedures on our multi-cultural patients of varying ages, ethnicities and skin types.

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Clement Banda, M.D., founder and medical director of MD Laser Medicine & Surgery, is a diplomate of the ABVLM (formally known as the ABPh) and the American Board of Laser Surgery.